Posted by: galkano | September 13, 2011

Support our “Break a Spear” Campaign. Help end the torment of fiesta bulls — sign our petition today!

13 September 2011
Dear friend,

HSI: Confronting CrueltyEvery September, in the town of Tordesillas in the Castilla y León region of Spain, a bull is chased down by men brandishing long spears on horseback. The bull is pursued, stuck, and then — finally cornered and cowed by his assailants — stabbed to death. The horror is unimaginable.

Today, together with our colleagues in Spain, we launched the “Break a Spear” campaign — named in memory of the animals tormented and killed during the annual spectacle — to bring awareness and an end to the barbaric killing for good.

Take action today and join us in our fight to stop the cruelty!

We urgently need your support. In a terrible turn for bulls, the Tordesillas Council voted earlier this year for this “fiesta” to be protected as cultural heritage. Animal cruelty is not entertainment. And the torment and killing of an animal for amusement by men wielding spears can never be justified as cultural privilege.

Help protect bulls from the wanton cruelty and join the Break a Spear campaign today.

Thank you for all you do to help animals.
Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
President & CEO
Humane Society International

Take action today / Firma aqui

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